Cats are NOT Native!

Cats that are allowed to run loosewind up killing birds and other animals. They breed very quickly and kind-hearted people think it is helpful to give them food, which only makes the problem worse. What is the deal with everyone allowing these non-native animals to run loose and destroy? They should be caught and their owners should be fined. Feral cats should be taken off the streets.

Some places have tried fixing the cats and then letting them go, but that doesn’t stop them from killing native wildlife.

Cats are not supposed to be running free, they are pets and should be treated as such.


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PETA Doesn’t Like My Comments

I’m so sad now, PETA won’t post my comments on their propaganda blog. It is really quite pathetic to select which comments are posted for others to see. Sounds extremely “politiciany” to me. This reminds me of Al Gore – use only the facts and ideas that make you look good while ignoring all the rest. But what is truly sad is how many people fall into this trap.

I don’t even remember what I said, but just to let you all know, I won’t cherry-pick comments to make me look good. If you disagree with something, let me know, and let everyone else know too. That is the point of blogs and debate.

Bottom line – PETA sucks (as if you didn’t already know that).

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Over the Hedge

Over the Hedge is a movie that involves wild animals whose habitat has been shrunk down by humans “developing” the land. (In this sentence, “developing” can be defined as “destroying natural habitat.”) While the animals hibernate, what used to be forest has now been turned into miles of boring lawn and ugly McMansions.

This movie makes a hilarious commentary on how fat and lazy people are. They show stupid-looking people yakking on cell phones while driving their gigantic gas-guzzling SUV’s. When the animals discuss how obsessed with food people are and how fat and gross, you can only imagine how uncomfortable this must make everyone in the theatre feel, as they hunker down in their seats and try to munch more quietly on their jumbo-sized popcorn (extra butter) and slurp soundlessly at their 42 oz. soft drink. Then, following the movie, they slink off to the monstrosities that they tool around in, return home to their huge and ugly cookie-cutter houses with boring and non-native landscaping and their pesticide-soaked lawns.

Moral of the story: People suck.

Conclusion: Watch this movie! It’s hilarious!

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Can PETA Get Any Dumber?

I am starting a new series called, “Can PETA Get Any Dumber?” For the 3 people that haven’t heard of PETA, PETA is an organization that uses celebrities, popular gossip, and truckloads of B.S. in an attempt to get wealthy off the stupidity of others. More popularly, PETA claims to be People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

So what did PETA do that was dumb? Reasons to not eat pork – “because pigs are smarter than 3 year old children”. Huh? What does that have to do with anything? Should we start eating 3-yr olds now?

Just out of curiousity, what would happen to all the pigs if everyone stopped eating them? If they were released to the wild they A) wouldn’t survive and B) would cause harm on the natural environment if they did survive. What would truly be cruel is to let this happen. Bacon’s good for you so eat up!

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Why Are Animals Never the Victim?

I was reading some news online and there was a story about a fox that attacked a 2-yr old. It is unfortunate for a child to be attacked by a wild animal but why is it the fault of the animal. Everyone always says that animals are acting on instinct so how can they be at fault? Instead, every time a situation like this happens, people are called in to hunt down the vicious animal and kill it. Just because a fox, bear, wolf, whatever attacks does not make it vicious.

The problem is this: people move in real near wooded areas into fancy homes and are in shock every time a “wild beast” shows up near their precious home. Maybe if people would stop destroying all the habitat they wouldn’t have this problem. The article even states that there are lots of wild animals in the neighborhood so it was “just a matter of time”.

To make matters worse, the article says nothing about that most wild animals avoid humans. Now there will be an outrage and people will start hating foxes and want to kill them all. Reminds me of way back when everyone wanted to kill off all the wolves. Trust me, animals are not violent, murderers, or evil – only humans are.

The article was on CNN… no reason to link to it here.

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The Al Gore Syndrome

Al Gore is a bitter politician with nothing better do to than flaunt his wealth and preach about global warming like a martyr. Al Gore is a disease. He infects people with ignorance in the hopes that someday they will except him as the rightful president. Get over it Fat Albert! You never will be president and it’s a good thing too! But I digress…

The Al Gore Syndrome is this: A person believes they are helping the world (or a cause or whatever) just by “spreading the word”. In theory this sounds great – bring up a great idea, pass it along to others, and they’ll pass that on to others. But, as you can tell, this sounds sorta like a chain letter. The idea weakens each time it passes because no one is actually doing anything.

“Al Gore told me to spread the word by buying his DVD! Now what?”

Congrats Al! You got a bunch of suckers to make you richer. Please don’t fall into the Al Gore Syndrome!

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Rosie O’Donnell Hates the Environment

It’s hard to write a sentence about Rosie O’Donnell that doesn’t have something to do with eating or hating the U.S. but believe it or not, Rosie hates the environment too! Now, why would a self-centered, lesbian fatso hate the environment? I suppose it’s hard to care for our earth when you have bigger battles to fight – the Trump, Iraqi wars, obesity – but come on! How many of these rich snobs do we need harping about all the “problems” of the world when they don’t do anything for conservation and the environment.

I have no problems with rich people, just rich people that can’t be bothered with conservation. What’s even worse, though, is the fact that people actually look up to people like Rosie and she has all kinds of media attention. Could you imagine if that sort of attention was placed on conservation?

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